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Crossroads Christian School Senior | Brandon

When you look at these pictures, I think you'll be able to guess what Brandon's passion is - yep - you got it - Fishing!! I think this young man has salt water running through his veins - his face lights up when he talks about his fishing trips!

His face lights up for another love - his big Dodge truck. And I can see why - it's such a great guy truck.

Brandon is such a guy but also has such a sweet side. Picture taking can be awkward of course, but Brandon took it all with such sweetness and kindness. He is tall - 6'2 - he towered over his shorty photographer!!

Brandon sees his future as a blank canvas - anything is possible. He plans to start his college years here at Victoria College - and will work towards a Business degree. I know that whatever he chooses to do, this respectful, kind young man is going to make our world a better place.

Thank you to Brandon and his parents for choosing me to document this fun and proud moment in your lives!! I am grateful.

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