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3rd Birthday Photo Session | Kennedi

This is the 4th time that Kennedi has been in front of my lens. I remember her first photo shoot with me - it was a cake smash and she was this bright eyed, happy little girl who wanted to use her new walking skills to be everywhere but in front of my sets. She is still a bright eyed happy little girl but now loves her time in front of the camera.

Kennedi comes into my studio with her grammy Kim and was already smiling. We had so much fun at this shoot. It was very relaxed. I posed Kennedi throughout the shoot, but generally we let her do her thing. The more she had fun and played, the better the photos were. I believe this photo shoot caught her true, fun loving personality.

I also learned more about Kennedi's intelligence. This little girl can carry on a conversation like a child much older. She talked at length to me about her favorite singer -JoJo Siwa - and other artists in her playlist (yes the child has a playlist!). She even showed me her dance moves - I think we may have a break dancer on our hands here!! She cracked me up!!

As I said above, we kept the shoot very relaxed. We did several posed shots and had several breaks in between to allow Kennedi to have fun. At one point, I was sitting on the floor chatting with Kim and suddenly Kennedi just ran to me and threw her little arms around my neck and hugged me tightly! She nearly knocked me over but I have to tell you - it totally made my day! I loved every moment of that precious hug!!

Thank you Kim for bringing this delightful child to me. I appreciate your loyalty so much and most of all, I appreciate my time with both of you!!! I am proud to be documenting her years with my camera. Love you both!!