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Jaxson's Newborn Photo Shoot

I had a maternity photo session scheduled with Jeralynn & Paul. A few days before our session, Jeralynn texted me and said she was ill and was going to have to reschedule the shoot. When she was better life was crazy with the holidays and Paul's busy work schedule. She asked me if they could do a newborn shoot instead? I never like to say no to a client but I had to let her know that I am not a newborn photographer - per se. I don't know how to wrap up them little babies and I don't have any of those cool props. Jeralynn is so sweet - she said she wasn't worried about that. They aren't picky, they didn't want anything fancy, they just wanted to capture his cuteness. She would trust and be pleased with whatever I do.

Next thing I know I'm getting a snapshot of a beautiful, newborn baby boy. Jeralynn announced to me that Jaxson is here and ready for his modeling debut. She asked if I would come to their house since the weather was kind of cool. We arranged for a date that was good for everyone.

Jaxson was one week old when these pictures were taken. I fell in love on sight. In the first set of photos the parents wanted him naked and that kept Jaxon was wide awake and very alert. He loved stretching and looking around. The next set of pictures, we put his little onsie on and baby boy just fell right to sleep. It was obvious he was cozier when dressed! We got lots of pics of him sleeping. It was like watching an angel. We then wanted to photograph his precious little feet and he just kept stretching them in the place that he wanted them! Even asleep he was in charge!!! LOL!

I was so blessed to be able to go to this house where everyone was so full of joy. There were grandmothers & relatives coming and going and it is obvious that little Jaxson is already adored. Even the cat was excited. She was having a ball.

Thank you Jeralynn & Paul. Even though I'm not a newborn photographer, you still trusted me with the most precious memories of all. Like everyone else, Jaxson has already stolen my heart. May your family be forever blessed!!

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