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Eva & Gerald Engagement Session

Eva & I grew up as neighbors on the west side of Cuero. We spent our summers playing and riding our bikes all over town. She and her sister Gloria were two of my best friends. We don't get together often but when we do, we start reminiscing which includes lots of deep belly laughs.

I believe love is best when it comes later in life. It happened for me. When we are older, our maturity causes us to focus on what is important, we don't sweat the small stuff as much and we appreciate when someone good comes in our life. That is the story of Eva & Gerald.

Eva & Gerald met on an online dating site. They went on a couple of days and for no particular reason, went their separate ways. They dated others and didn't give each other much thought. About a year later, Gerald was surprised to find Eva still on the dating site. He messaged her and said "Surprised to see you here! Thought you'd be married by now!" Eva responded in her usual humorous way "No one wants me!" So they started dating again. This time it was different - proof it's all in God's timing. This time they fell in love.

Gerald told Eva he wanted to take her to San Antonio for the weekend. While they were there, he wined and dined her and showed her a wonderful time. He suggested they take a selfie , he would set the phone up with the timer so they could take a great picture. What Eva didn't know is that he was not setting up the camera but the video function of his phone. He walked back to her, she's ready to pose for the selfie and her mouth drops open when Gerald drops to one knee. "Will you marry me?" Eva responds "In a heartbeat!!"

What a wonderful story right? Eva & Gerald are getting married in Las Vegas in January. I asked them why so fast and Eva replies "Gerald's pregnant!". That's Eva! Always a jokester. And Gerald gets her humor - he just laughs so freely and easily. He has sparkly eyes that are fixed on Eva.

I fall in love with my clients - this is no secret. But it's extra special when your client is a friend that can take you back 40+ years. I wish for Eva & Gerald a wonderful wedding in Vegas and a love that takes them both into eternity.

A duck with an afro!!

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