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Wedding Chat with Sande - RSVP!!!

Yes, those are exclamation marks behind a word typed in all caps. I think in techky talk, that means I'm yelling. And yes - I'm yelling. For the love of Christmas - RSVP!

Here's the scenario - you get that beautiful invitation in the mail. Along with an invitation is an RSVP card along with a self-addressed stamped envelope asking that you respond by a certain date. There is a reason for that!!! (Sorry, I really do have to stop yelling.) And how easy is that - you get an envelope and a stamp!

What is “RSVP” anyways? RSVP stands for the French words répondez, s’il vous plaît, which simply means: please reply.

My daughter was married almost 3 years ago and the most stressful part for me was the guest list. A lot of thought goes into who is invited to an event. And if someone thought enough of you to add you to the guest list, then it's just good manners to respond!! But there are valid reasons that a hostess needs to know who is coming:

1. The biggest reason of all - the food. The caterer needs to know how much food you need and how many plates to charge you for. And that is no small thing because a. it's expensive and b. you want to have the right amount of food for your guests.

2. The seating. Your decorator needs to know how many tables and chairs are needed. And the decorator charges you according to how many tables and chairs are needed. Again - you want to be sure that you have enough seats for everyone and you sure don't want to pay for a whole lot of extra seats that no one is seating at!

3. Guest favors. Many parties have guest favors for everyone who attends. That is so nice - someone wants to give you a gift! All that she asks if that you please let her know that you are coming so she can be sure she has enough gifts for everyone.

4. Stress factor. If you've ever planned a large event, you are aware how stressful it is. Don't add to your hostess' stress by making her guess how many people are coming.

These rules apply for emailed invitations too. There are many parties that handle their invitations strictly through email. While that is definitely less formal, the need for a head count is still the same. Heck - even if its a text message - if someone asks you to let them know by a certain time so they can make proper arrangements then RESPOND! Even if its just to say you can't attend.

I hope that the next time you get an invitation, you will think of this and respond promptly. Your hostess will love you for it.

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