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Brandon & Ashley's Sweet Wedding Day

Brandon & Ashley went to high school together. They were good friends. Such good friends they actually attended the prom together - just as friends. Graduation happened and Brandon & Ashley went their separate ways.

Fast forward ten years. Brandon & Ashley have had other relationships that have failed. Brandon had 3 beautiful children in these 10 years. They both find themselves single when they reconnect. The 10 years seem to disappear and they find themselves having fun together - just like in high school. Eventually they had to agree that the fun is turning into something special. They are in love. This love produced a beautiful little girl named Brielle.

Their wedding day was nothing short of perfect. I knew I was in for a good day because first of all - Brandon & Ashley are two of the sweetest people I have ever met. I knew Brandon was a good guy the first day I met him. They walked into my studio just as I was taking out the trash - Brandon didn't skip a beat - he asked me right away to let him help me with that. And Ashley is tender and kind and has a smile that will light up a room. Plus Ashley comes from a great family - I have been friends with her family for over 15 years. They are a family full of fun and love. So I was very comfortable and knew my day was going to be a pleasure.

I have to brag on their children! They are so well behaved and respectful! All the kids were at my studio this Spring for Easter pics and they all shook my hand, looked me right in the eye and introduced themselves to me. I was so impressed with them.

The wedding was beautiful and perfect. Tin Spur Ranch is one of my favorite venues! Wendy and her husband are so welcoming and accommodating. Ashley looked GORGEOUS in her gown designed by Madison James. Brandon was so handsome in his cowboy hat. The ceremony was so sweet - my favorite part was at the end - they brought all the children up and Ashley promised to love his children as her own. I wish I could remember everything she said - it was so touching - there was not a dry eye at this part of the ceremony. I got teary eyed again when I was editing the pictures and I saw their three little faces listening so intently to her.

Thank you so much Ashley & Brandon for choosing me to document your day. There is no where else I would rather have been than with you and your families on this day. I believe that your love is going to get you through thick and thin and your marriage will be forever. Love you both and pray that God will continually bless your sweet little family!!