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Love You To The Moon | Shana + Robert

Chapter One...

Shana lives life to the fullest. She is a true free spirit. She loves to skydive. In 2006 she met tandem instructor Robert while skydiving. There was an immediate connection between the two. Robert lived in Houston and Shana lived in Austin at that time and although they were attracted to one another, a long distance relationship did not seem like a good idea. So they went their separate ways.

Their paths crossed again in 2012. The attraction was still there. This time they didn't let a little distance bother them. They started dating and in 2013 Robert moved to Austin to never have distance between him and Shana again.

Chapter Two...

Robert & Shana are deeply in love and talking about marriage. Shana told Robert she wanted to pick out her own ring. If she was 18, she would have been happy with a cigar band. But she's past that. If she is going to step out of her comfort zone and get married she wanted to have a ring she loved. So they shopped together for rings and found the perfect ring for Shana. They ordered it that day. But Robert still wanted to have a surprise moment for Shana.

Shana didn't know when the ring was scheduled to arrive. But Robert did. One day Shana was a work and her boss asked her to come into her office. Her first thought was "what have I done now? Am I getting chewed out today?" She walked into his office and her boss asked her to shut the door. She turned around and Robert was hiding behind the door holding her perfect, sparkly ring. He dropped to one knee and asked Shana "will you marry me?" uhhhh. YES!!!!!

Chapter Three...

Robert & Shana's wedding was held at the Victoria Art League. It was small and intimate. They were surrounded by the people who they love most in the world. It was so beautiful and perfect. Shana had a wonderful time creating the décor for the wedding and handled all the décor while La Mirage handled all the fabrics for the wedding. It was all so pretty. I don't think I've ever met a more laid back bride. She just floated with joy the whole day. She looked stunning - her make up by Stevie Nyree and hair by JoRea Dyson were perfect. Shana's Sophia Trolli gown was gorgeous. Shana laughed as she put her dress on, saying the one thing she didn't want was a satin wedding gown. Yet when she put this dress on, she knew it was the one for her. She was right! It was gorgeous on her. There were so many sweet moments to capture on this day. Shana is so full of life and Robert is quiet and thoughtful. He couldn't keep his eyes off Shana for long. His eyes would soften every time he looked at her. His love for her was so evident. Shana's blue eyes sparkled as brightly as her ring all night. This was the happiest day of her life for sure.

Thank you Shana & Robert for asking me to document your precious love story. I wish the very best for the two of you. May God bless you and your relationship FOREVER.

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