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Wedding Chat with Sande | Boutonniere Magnets!

This is the second time that I blog on boutonniere's. I have to look up that word just to spell it right!!! Maybe you've already heard of this, but it's the first time I saw this - a boutonniere with a magnet to hold it in place! At a wedding I recently photographed, my bride Shana made the boutonnieres and used magnets instead of pins.

How smart is this idea? Instead of pins, the boutonniere is held in place by magnets! At every wedding, I have grooms asking how the heck to pin a boutonniere. At Shana & Robert's wedding, the guys had no problem putting these on and THE BOUTONNIERE STAYED IN PLACE! ALL NIGHT LONG! No pins required! No more crooked boutonniere's! This makes it so easy for grooms, groomsmen and prom dates!!!

You can get these magnets on Amazon, use this link here to order yours!!

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