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Engagement Photo Shoot | Josh & AnaBelle

Chapter One...

Josh & AnaBelle had a mutual friend named Jacob. Jacob must have seen something with these two so he introduced them to one another. Josh was certainly interested in this petite caramel eyed girl but AnaBelle was dating someone else at the time. He tried to reach out to her on Facebook but she didn't respond. didn't work out with the other guy. After her break-up, AnaBelle decided to accept Josh's messages. And they have never stopped talking since.

I stalk them on Facebook and love how they describe one another. Josh calls Anabelle "gorgeous", "Fine!" and says over and over that he's so thankful he met her. Anabelle refers to Josh as "handsome" and a "hottie" and also how blessed she is to have him in her life. They both say they can't wait to be married. Well, be still my heart!

Josh & AnaBelle's (or Belle as Josh calls her) e-sesh was at Beneath The Oaks venue. I am so in love with that place!! It is so serene and peaceful. The perfect backdrop for Josh & AnaBelle. They are very laid back, had no requests for me - "just do your thing" was what they told me. Music to my ears! The session couldn't have gone any better. No mosquitos, great sunset, it was breezy and we had tons of great backdrops. And they are both right - they are gorgeous and handsome!! I loved watching them quietly interact with one another. They are easy like a Sunday morning. I am in awe of these two beautiful souls and can't wait to spend their special day with them!!