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Wedding Chat with Sande - Unity in Glass

BRIDES! BRIDES! BRIDES!! Listen up! I have something fabulous to introduce you to.

I've seen so many unity traditions at weddings - the unity candle, the sand, the braiding of the rope - etc etc etc. I recently learned of something new - Unity in Glass. OMGeeeeeeee! This company is from Lubbock, Texas and it is such a fabulous product. Instead of sand, you will be combining colored glass crystals at your unity ceremony. After your wedding, you ship the crystals and they create a beautiful piece of glass art. You can have a sculpture, a vase, a bowl and so much more!!!

According to their website ( these are their steps:


1. Choose either a sculpture, vase, or bowl that will be hand crafted for you, after your wedding.

2. Select your glass crystal colors which will be shipped for use in your ceremony. Up to eight colors are included in the purchase price. Colors are shipped in individual packets. (Need some help with color selection? Take a peek at this blog posting. And this one -- we dive into each color, individually here.)

3. Combine the glass crystals during your ceremony, much like you would with a sand ceremony. (Display containers for us at the wedding are not included)

4. Using the included prepaid mailer, return the unified glass crystals to us after your wedding. (International customers will need to provide postage) Once received, our artist creates your glass art with the crystals from your ceremony. Your finished art is then carefully packaged and shipped to you, typically, within 4-8 weeks. These times may extend during peak wedding season.

Also unique to our unity ceremony concept, consider gifts for parents, children, or close friends. Using remaining crystals from your wedding, we can incorporate them into glass hearts and blown glass ornaments. These are truly unique and thoughtful gifts.

You can even have it engraved!! I am in love with this. Here are some images from their website:

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