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Sweet Engagement Session | Kristian & Kelby

Chapter One -

Kristian & Kelby had several mutual friends. Their Facebook profiles kept coming up on each other's feed "People You May Know". They finally accepted each others friend request and got to know each other. After some time Kelby asked Kristian out on a date. He took her to Red Lobster for their first date. That was all it took. The attraction was mutual. The first date never ended. Kristian & Kelby fell in love.

2 years later they are before my camera, giggling nervously in every pose. I would instruct them - 'face each other - look into each others eyes.' They would do that for half a second and then the smiles would erupt. The smiles would turn into a giggle, then full out laughter. It was so endearing to capture.

I have heard songs that say "she doesn't know she is beautiful." This would be Kristian. She's stunning and her make up by Kaelly Allen as perfection. Kristian seems to be completely unaware of how gorgeous she truly is. Kelby seems to be happy to remind her - he looks at her with such love in his eyes. Be still my heart!!

Kristian & Kelby are planning a November wedding and are handling it just like the rest of their relationship - easy and laid back. They seem completely unfazed with all the planning. I can't wait.

Thanks Kristian & Kelby for choosing me!! You guys are so sweet to each other and to me as well!


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