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The Hall at Moulton Oaks | Ty & Michelle's Sweet Wedding Day

While in high school, Ty was part of a guy group who loved to hang out and play X-Box games. One day a group of girls came by to visit. In that group was a cute girl who caught Ty's eye. Her name was Michelle. Ty was immediately smitten. They became instant friends but only friends because Michelle was too young to date. But Ty was patient. As soon as Michelle was old enough to date, he was happy to step it up and pursue Michelle romantically. Michelle was happy to be pursued by this cute, sweet guy. They became inseparable and soon fell in love.

Fast forward 7 years. These high school sweethearts are now college graduates, and still madly in love with one another. Ty told Michelle one day that he would love to get dressed up and go out for a really nice dinner. When he came in pick her up, she was still her her room, almost ready to go. Ty went to her room and surprised her right there with a proposal. He asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. Michelle was overwhelmed with emotion and said "YES!" through tears. It was so sweet and romantic.

Their wedding day was simply beautiful. Ty & Michelle and their wedding party all got dressed in separate rooms at St James Catholic Church in Gonzales. This church has nice big rooms with nice strong air-conditioning (important on this hot summer day!). I was able to pop back and forth between the two rooms and capture the fun pre-wedding photos. It was amazing to me how everyone was so calm, no one seems nervous, everyone was just enjoying this time. The guys were sitting around playing dominoes!! At this wedding, the guys had more ideas for pre-wedding photos than the girls. Because Ty is now a teacher, they had a pretend class when Ty was the teacher and they were bored and unruly students. It was hilarious!! In another photo op, Ty pretended to shave his head while his groomsman rushes to stop him. What more could a photographer ask for!! Michelle and her girls had several touching moments with her bridesmaids, sister, mother and grandmother. And dad. He was so sweet and loving to his daughter. Michelle's sister Ashley was the best bridesmaid ever, she used to work at The Bridal Rail in Moulton so was able to help Michelle dress with such ease. The back of Michelle's beautiful Mori Lee gown had buttons down the back and her sister just buttoned those up like it was nothing!! Michelle looked so beautiful and perfect. I am obsessed with her dress!!

The rest of the day was nothing less than perfect. The ceremony had many memorable moments and the party at The Hall at Moulton Oaks was jam packed full of people having fun, mingling, enjoying cocktails and loving up on Ty & Michelle. Their bridal party was a complete blast. All so good looking, fun and happy to ham it up for my camera. This was definitely Aggie Land - lots and lots and LOTS of A&M alumni here. The party started with a rousing rendition of the A&M War Hymn. Even Michelle's garter was maroon & white with the A&M insignia!!!

Ty & Michelle - thank you soooooo much for choosing me to document your day. I am so grateful to have been a part of such a fun and special time in your lives. You both come from such wonderful, loving families and I know yours is a FOREVER love. May God bless you, keep you, and make His face to shine upon you both always. Can't wait to see where the future takes you.

Ty & Michelle's vendors made this day absolutely FLAWLESS:

Videographer - James Leist, Yoakum

Makeup Artist: Yurim Cabrera Makeup Artistry

Hair Stylist: Roxanne from Headlines of Flatonia

Florist: Laura Flowers, Shiner Texas

Dress Designer: Mori Lee

Purchased at: Bridal Rail, Mouton, Texas

Caterer: Alley BBQ, Moulton, Texas

Cakes: Rosie Bartos, Moulton, Texas

Lucky Photographer: Sande Bilton :)

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