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Garrett & Sarah's Fairytale Wedding Day

I love to blog on my couples. One of the first thing I ask my couples is to share their love story with me - how they met, how he proposed, etc. I take those notes and write a blog. But I don't think I could write Sarah & Garrett's love story in better than Sarah did. So in this blog, I am sharing the story in Sarah's own words:

"Okay, Garrett and I met sophomore year of high school where we shared the same geometry class. By the way, I am awful at math and he is a genius at math. Anyway, he caught my eye right away and of course when you're 15 years old going on 16 you automatically think you're in love. He's been trying to convince me for years, but that same day, so he says, he asked Brandon (Best Man) about me acting all interested, So here I am, little Sarah who's in the band and plays the flute, wants to get to know "Mr. Quarterback". I mean come on! This is like Taylor Swifts "You Belong With Me" song/music video here! I was told by my step-dad that one day I would date the quarterback of the football team, all thanks to a heartbreak I had earlier that year, and there I was getting to know Garrett the quarterback, who was smart, funny, caring and very handsome! We officially started dating May 28th, 2011 and since then its been the best 6+ years of my life!

Now fast forward all those great years to October 31st, 2015. So Halloween is a VERY IMPORTANT DAY to Garrett and I. For all of those who know why, well we'll keep it to those who know why. Haha! Anyway, this specific Halloween was probably by far the best. I was dressing up as Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's and Garrett was Paul Varjack from Breakfast at Tiffany's. (Audrey Hepburn is my all time favorite) Those who know the movie know they fall in love in the end after all her stubbornness! So my family decided to throw a Halloween party, it was for sure a night we would all remember. I mean we had people coming in the house, bringing cases of beer, dressed up asking for Randy... ? We'd all pause and ask "who's Randy"? So the night was kept interesting for sure with the crazy party crashers! The house started to get quiet all of a sudden, and my mom quickly jerked me to the side and was trying to show me something on her phone! Which, she was doing poorly because she was like scrolling anywhere and everywhere on her phone saying "look i gotta show you something". Immediately I knew something big was about to happen and once I turned around, Garrett was on his knee in front of my whole family, reed as can be but with the biggest smile EVER on his face asking me to MARRY HIM! I mean blood was rushing to my head and I was so hot from being surprised I didn't even tell him YES to start with lol! I eventually did tell him yes, while crying and hugging him. I was so shocked and surprised because who would think to propose on Halloween. Now Halloween holds a dear spot in my heart.

We've watched each other grow and learn about each others strengths and weaknesses and we help each other build one another up. We stand by each other day in and day out and stay faithful.We now have our daughter Scarlett Rose who just lights up our world!!! She brings so much joy into our lives and we wouldn't want it any other way! We were so young when we first met and were up against all odds, but I think its safe to say I found the one God put on Earth for me."

Sarah & Garrett, I am in awe of the two of you. I love watching you interact, how sweet you are to one another, how soft spoken you both are. I see that you have new opportunities on the horizon and I am so excited for the both of you. I pray that God surround your precious little families with angels.

Thank you for choosing me to document this chapter in what will be a very long love story.