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The Wonderful Benefits of Lavender

I absolutely love the smell of Lavender. I have always gravitated towards the scent - when I buy candles, bath soaps, teas etc etc. And it doesn't just smell good - there are benefits to Lavender!

1. One of my favorite benefits of Lavender is its relaxing, soothing properties. Lavender makes a great treatment for relaxing sore muscles. Just rub the oil into your muscles.

2. Another benefit is it relieves itching and swelling after a mosquito bite. I love my back yard but we all know summer brings pesky mosquitoes. Lavender quickly stops the itch and cools the area. I keep my Lavender Linen Spray in the fridge and when I feel a bite, I spray it on and quickly forget I got bit!

3. Lavender is also soothing to a sunburn. Again the cool Linen Spray from the fridge soothes and cools the burn.

4. Sleep. What other scent is so calming? Spray the scent on your pillow cases, your curtains, spray it on your PJ's. Tuck a Lavender Sachet under your pillow. Ahhhhh. Have a cup of Lavender tea before bedtime.

5. Deodorizer. Lavender is safe for fabrics so use it in your home - spray your sofa, your throw rugs, your curtains etc. It's also a pretty good air deodorizer. My Poopy Poopy Spray keeps me "lady like" in the potty (if you know what I mean!!)

6. Here's the big one - Hot Flashes. Yes my ladies - Lavender helps with hot flashes. As I said above, I keep my Lavender Linen Spray in the fridge - when I am feeling hot and grumpy, I go to the fridge and spray that cool oil right on my face, my neck and my arms. Calms me down!!

The hot flash benefit is by far my favorite of course. And it's my family's favorite too - they make sure my spray has a special spot in the fridge for when mama gets hot and feisty!

In my boutique I carry a wonderful Lavender line - the versatile Linen Spray, the necessary Poopy Poopy Spray (which I carry in my purse!), Lavender Body Scrub, Lavender soap, Lavender Bath Salts and Lavender Sachets. Yes - I love lavender - can you tell??

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