She Stole His Last Name | Aaron & Alissa's Storybook Love Story

I've already told you the story of how they met. How they fell in love. Now I'm going to tell you the rest of their story.

Once Aaron & Alissa fell in love, they were inseparable. One day, Aaron told Alissa to start planning a wedding. She said "for who?" Aaron said "for us." Alissa was a bit confused and asked him "Well are you planning to propose to me?". Aaron just smiled his little mischievous grin and told her not to worry about that, but start planning a wedding anyway. So she did. They quietly began wedding planning without telling a lot of people. Alissa is amazing at planning parties so this was right up her alley. She was very happy to be planning her wedding but also wanted to be properly proposed to.

Time passed and one day Aaron told Alissa - "let's have a date night. Get dressed." So she did, they had a lovely dinner at Pumphouse that night. On the way home, Aaron asked Alissa "did you have a good time tonight?" "She said "yes, it was nice." Aaron said "Just nice?" Alissa replied "Well, it's not like there was a proposal or a diamond or anything!" Aaron just smiled and said "I'm sorry our date night wasn't better". That smile melts Alissa's heart and she replied "Thank you Aaron, it was perfect." They get home and Aaron walks in very quickly to turn on the lights and when she gets in, Aaron is standing there looking at her, all of a sudden drops to one knee and proposes!!! Of course Alissa says yes! Aaron gets up, gives her a huge kiss and hug, smiles at her and said "it's official." Later he tells her he waited to propose to her because he wanted to be able to get her the rin