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Victoria College Graduate | Mitzi

I only spent a small amount of time with Mitzi but immediately felt like I was hanging with an old friend. She showed up to her photo shoot with her son Max. Max came up to me, looked me in the eyes, stuck out his hand for a firm handshake and said "Hi! I'm Max, nice to meet you." You know I ate that right up! Someone is raising this boy right!!

Mitzi is bright-eyed, pretty and as friendly as Max. She sparkled as she spoke of her future - her life is a blank canvas right now. Mitzi has graduated from VC with a degree in Physical Therapy. She is going to explore many possibilities and see where life lands her. That sounds so exciting!

I could have photographed her all day long. She was so comfortable in front of the camera and she had fun. We included Max in some of the photos and I don't know who is more proud of who. They both seem to adore one another.

Thanks Mitzi for choosing me to take these photos. I wish you much success!! Congratulations!