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Devin & Norman met in May 2013 through a mutual friend while spending a fun, lazy weekend on the Frio River. They became instant friends and were inseparable. After only 6 months of dating Norman asked Devin to move in with her. Without hesitation, she agreed.

About 2 years later, Norman came home early from work on a Tuesday afternoon. Devin was napping in the bedroom. She woke to find him down on one knee. He asked her to be his forever. Devin was so surprised she became overwhelmed with emotion. Through happy tears she said absolutely YES!!!

They already had plans for a tropical vacation and decided why not take their wedding to paradise? They saw this as a chance to do something incredible that would be more than anything they’ve ever been a part of. For the next 18 months they rallied all their family and friends and planned a wedding in Jamaica. Brandon was determined to give Devin the wedding of her dreams and he did that and so much more.

The time finally arrived and Devin & Norman and all of their favorite people in the world boarded a plane and headed to paradise. It all seemed surreal to the happy couple. Even when they landed in Jamaica, it just didn’t seem real.

The ceremony was planned on a tiny natural island off the north coast of Ocho Rios, Jamaica. The weather was absolutely wicked that day. The tiny island was been pummeled by heavy winds and rain. The ceremony was scheduled for 5:30 pm and they had decided to wait a little bit to see what the weather would do. But right at 5:30 pm the rain suddenly stopped and the heavens seem to just open up. Every worker at the resort told them that they were BLESSED – it is rare for the rain to just go around them like that!! God knew what He was doing!!!

The blessed couple had a traditional Jamaican wedding and then the party started. Brandon & Devin had hand selected custom cocktails and Caribbean appetizers for their guests. A Caribbean mento band provided soothing and fun sounds to keep the party lively. The décor included fresh white lilies and roses and a beautiful two tiered wedding cake with lavender colored roses. But of course the ocean stole the show. It was the perfect background to the best day of their lives!!!

On their wedding day, Brandon wrote a letter to Devin and at the end it said “See you on our island.” That phrase will forever hold a special meaning to Devin. She credits this magical event to Brandon and all his hard work and mind blowing devotion. She calls him her MVP. Jamaica will forever hold a sacred place in their hearts, in fact they have already decided when death does them part they want their ashes spread on what forever will be “our island”.

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