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Would love to introduce you to a very handsome, very sweet you man named Andre. Andrew is graduating this spring from East High school.

I was so happy to be shooting Andre's senior photos. Two years ago I photographed his sister Erika and those will always be some of my favorite photos ever. Andre and Erika come from a very sweet, fun and active family and I enjoy my time with them.

Andre's mom Tania said Andre would be a breeze to photograph and she was right. Andre is such a sweet, respectful young man, was willing to do anything his mom and I asked of him. We truly had fun, I provided some laughs for us - we took pictures in a cool place that turned out to be a little muddy (okay let's be real - it was a lot muddy!) and my feet were doing the Lido Shuffle in the mud. Only angels stopped me from falling a couple of times! It was hilarious. I just kept telling them "If I fall - catch my camera!!" So when we walked, Andre let me hold his arm so I wouldn't fall. You know I loved that! What a sweet (and strong!) young gentleman.

Andre had but one request for his senior photo shoot - that he could be photographed with his car. Not a problem! As you look at the photos, you can see a difference in his smile once we started taking the photos with his super cool Camaro. Andre loves his car!! Who wouldn't??

Andre is not just a handsome and a gentleman, he is also super smart. Andre is in National Honor Society and is graduating with dual credits from Victoria College. I asked him what he does for fun - he said he works, goes to school and studies hard - it doesn't leave much time for much else. When he does have a little free time, he loves boarding with friends and of course hanging with his family.

Andre is joining his gorgeous sister in College Station this fall and will be majoring in finance. I wish you the very best Andre. To the Ganauser family - thank you for the honor of photographing both of your beautiful kids at such an amazing time!!