Would love to introduce you to a very handsome, very sweet you man named Andre. Andrew is graduating this spring from East High school.

I was so happy to be shooting Andre's senior photos. Two years ago I photographed his sister Erika and those will always be some of my favorite photos ever. Andre and Erika come from a very sweet, fun and active family and I enjoy my time with them.

Andre's mom Tania said Andre would be a breeze to photograph and she was right. Andre is such a sweet, respectful young man, was willing to do anything his mom and I asked of him. We truly had fun, I provided some laughs for us - we took pictures in a cool place that turned out to be a little muddy (okay let's be real - it was a lot muddy!) and my feet were doing the Lido Shuffle in the mud. Only angels stopped me from falling a couple of times! It was hilarious. I just kept telling them "If I fall - catch my camera!!" So when we walked, Andre let me hold his arm so I wouldn't fall. You know I loved that! What a sweet (and strong!) young gentleman.

Andre had but one request for his senior photo shoot - that he could be photographed with his car. Not a problem! As you look at the photos, you can see a difference in his smile once we started taking the photos with his super cool Camaro. Andre loves his car!! Who wouldn't??

Andre is not just a handsome and a gentleman, he is also super smart. Andre is in National Honor Society and is graduating with dual credits from Victoria College. I asked him what he does for fun - he said he works, g