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Engagement Session | Ashley & Brandon

I have known Ashley's parents for years. They are the kind of people who are always happy and always smiling. Ashley is no different. She has an infectious smile and eyes that sparkle. And I believe her fiancé Brandon is going to fit in perfectly in this family - he also has an easy laugh and a fun spirit!

Ashley & Brandon asked me to go to his family's property for the photo shoot. It was a beautiful property completely with wagons, southwestern décor and horse stables. Our session was not without issues - it had rained pretty hard that week so the ground was wet and soft, it was pretty windy, grey skies and a little chilly. But that didn't stop us from having a good time. Brandy & Ashley are so sweet to be around and were up for anything that day. We used every inch of space on this property - including the horse stables. That is where this city girl had to slow down a little bit. My little sparkly flat shoes had a little trouble maneuvering around the "horse nuggets." Although it wasn't easy to shoot in the middle of the nuggets and the scent they put off - those pictures are some of my favorite of the shoot!! Maybe it's time I invested in some cowboy boots?

During the shoot Brandon's uncle came around and after introductions we realized that we knew one another - Brandon's uncle used to be my son's little league baseball coach! Small world!!

Ashley and Brandon are so sweet to one another. Brandon kept telling Ashley how beautiful she is. He treated her so tenderly and looked and her with genuine love in his eyes. I loved watching them interact from behind my camera. To quote Dolly Parton on Steel Magnolias "That really melts my butter!"

Ashley & Brandon are planning a fall wedding and I can't wait for it. I know it's gonna be a fun, beautiful event!! Thanks for choosing me!

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