Wedding Chat with Sande - Tips for Selecting the Perfect Wedding Photographer

My daughter Desiree married the love of her life exactly two years ago. It was a magical time that I will forever treasure in my heart and memories. Unfortunately, we don't have great pictures to look back on. We weren't smart when it came time to hire a wedding photographer.

A few weeks ago I had a bride - Ashley Cano - contact me. She was getting married and she and her fiancé Brandon wanted to talk to me about my services. They came to my studio and I had all my contracts printed and ready to go - Engagement, Bridal, Bridal Boudoir and Wedding. I was ready to sign them up for anything they wanted. They talked with me for a while, asked me some questions, looked at my work. They were sweet and asked all the right questions. I liked them immediately.

They then told me that they wanted to book me for an engagement session. Only. They would make decisions later regarding the rest.

I have since realized that they were making a very smart decision. It was essentially a trial run. Will I be the perfect wedding photographer for them??