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Maternity Photo Shoot | Kaye & Bryan (and little Brantley)

Kaye came to me with a sparkle in her eye. She is 8 months pregnant and explained to me her vision for a maternity photo shoot. Kaye & Bryan live out in the country, they have over 100 acres. She wanted pictures of herself in a long pretty dress in a field. I was immediately smitten - with her and her vision!

We set a date and a few days later Kaye sent me a photo of her dress - a long, flowly burgundy lace dress. By this point my eyes had sparkles in them. I couldn't wait. But we all know South Texas weather. Pretty one day, cold and rainy the next. The day of their shoot, we had a 100% chance of rain. I contacted Kaye and asked her if she wanted a plan B - maybe we could do this the following week. Kaye said that Bryan's work schedule was so crazy plus she was starting to feel pains. She didn't want to take the chance. So we kept to our plan and hoped the weatherman would be wrong.

The weatherman wasn't wrong. It rained all day long. So it was nice and wet and soggy. We decided that we would do their photos in the baby's nursery. Bryan's mom had done a wonderful job of painting a barn yard scene in the nursery. It was sooo cute!! Kaye looked amazing - she had her make up done by Yurim Cabrera Makeup Artistry and looked perfect.

Their property is beautiful for sure, we looked out and wished the rain would stop for just a few minutes. But it didn't. So we did the next best thing - used their porches. We weren't able to get the shots that we were all envisioning, but I don't think it even matters. The point of a maternity shoot is to capture the excitement and love of two people who are about the enter a new chapter in their lives. I truly believe that in spite of what we were given, we captured that. Kaye & Bryan are so sweet and obviously so excited to be welcoming little Brantley in their lives. And Bryan quickly told me that he is hoping for a little girl next time so it looks like we may have another opportunity later on to get that field shot with the long flowly dress. :)

Thanks Kaye & Bryan for choosing me and welcoming me into your home! I wish you a safe and easy delivery and a healthy, beautiful baby boy.

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