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Senior Photo Shoot | Reina

Reina and her mom came into my studio and within minutes I had a thought in my mind - this girl is spunky!! She radiated energy and fun and her eyes literally sparkle. In an excited voice she explained she wanted an ultra fun photo shoot. She was envisioning something near the water because she is super outdoorsy - she loves to fish and duck hunt. One of her favorite things is when the whole family spends the whole weekend fishing and outdoors.

Reina is a cheerleader at St Joseph High School. She is so excited to be headed to Texas A&M Corpus Christi this fall. This girl definitely walks to the beat of her own drum, laughs too loud and loves thin crust Pizza with lots of pepperoni. A girl after my own heart!!!

The day of the photo shoot was as fun as I expected. Reina insisted that Tejano music was necessary while she was taking her pictures. We were on the beach and she brought a speaker and started to jam to Selena music. Heck - I had trouble keeping still enough to take her pictures!! Reina is not just spunky and energetic - she is gorgeous and couldn't take a bad picture if she tried. She made my job super easy.

Reina's family has a motto - GOD, FAMILY & FISHING. After spending the day with them, I could see that they are so close and truly enjoyed spending time with one another.

Thank you so much to the Balboa family for allowing me to document this proud chapter in their lives. Shine on Reina!