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Wedding Chat with Sande | Who is Maggie Sottero?

So many of my brides select Maggie Sottero gowns as their wedding dresses. Her designs are very romantic - lots of intricate beads, dramatic trains and plenty of shimmer and sparkle. After photographing many Maggie Sottero gowns, I got to thinking - who is Maggie Sottero?

I started at her website - went to "ABOUT" and this is what it says:

"For four generations, we’ve been honing our craft and pioneering technology, like the corset closure, to create designs that capture the imagination and inspire beauty among brides around the world. With each generation we have elevated our skills and artistry, culminating in the establishment of Maggie Sottero Designs in 1997. Launching with our custom corset closure, we continue to create designs that capture the imagination and inspire beauty among brides around the world. From sketch versions to hand-drawn patterns to hours of draping, tucking, and perfecting each toile, an immaculate wedding dress comes to life. Internationally sourced fabrics, hand-placed embellishments, and our renowned fit combine to create a perfectly tailored wedding dress. “Each hand-crafted gown is a reflection of my dedication to delivering best-in-class service, and making dreams a reality for every bride.” -Maggie Sottero"

Well that's nice but it doesn't tell me a thing about Maggie Sottero. No pictures, no bio. I did a Google search. Found lots of dresses but nothing personal. So I emailed them - told them I would love to highlight Maggie Sottero on my blog but couldn't find anything. They sent me a reply saying that Maggie Sottero has always protected her privacy and never released any personal information. They went on to say that they are considering releasing more information about her at some point but at this time all they could offer was what was on their website. Am I the only one who finds that strange?

But oh well, her gowns are still gorgeous. I was flipping through the new Brides Magazine and came across some of her ads. I was blown away by these gowns from her latest collection. They are so different - no lace, no sparkle. These are classic and gorgeous! Oh I love them!

Maggie - we may not know who you are but we love you anyway!!!

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