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Good News Monday | There are still good stories to be told!

I don't watch a lot of TV. There just aren't many programs that I like to watch. Comedy's don't make me laugh anymore. Dramas have so much vile content. Heck even some commercials offend me! And when I watch the news I feel like America is full of nothing but criminals who have enemies all around the world!

Ok ok, I'm being a bit dramatic. There are some shows I like to watch. I am a true Law & Order junkie. And the new show "This is Us" is the only show that I will stop whatever I'm doing and sit on the couch to watch.

In spite of the news, I know there are lots and lots of good people left in the world. There are still people who are trying to have good families, work hard, save something for the future and do good for others.

So I thought I would find these stories and share them with you. I am doing to find good stories and share them with you in a weekly blog called Good News Monday. I hope you enjoy it and I hope that if you hear good news -share it with me! Share it on your social media!

Today I found a sweet story of a woman who obtained a Bachelors Degree at age 94!!

"Amy Craton didn’t see herself “just sitting around watching Netflix all day” in her old age, so she went back to school — and met her goal with timeless success. The 94-year-old graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in creative writing and English, and did it while earning a perfect grade point average of 4.0.

Since she was unable to make it to New England for the graduation ceremony, SNHU President Paul LeBlanc, flanked by several staff members and faculty, flew out to her home in Hawaii to throw her a surprise party.

Craton had put a hold on her education in 1964 so she could raise her children full-time. When the senior decided to go back to school, she chose SNHU because it reminded her of her childhood growing up in the region.

“It feels good to graduate, to finish that part of my life, but I feel that I’m still on the road,” she said in an interview released by the school. “I have much more to learn.”

Which is why she’s already enrolled in a master’s degree program and studying daily assignments once again.

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