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Guest Blog | The First Look

What is a First Look anyway?

Your photographer and possibly your other Vendors keep asking you the same question, “Are you doing a First Look?” What are they even talking about?

A First Look is when engaged couples will you be seeing each other before the ceremony. Traditionally, couples wait until the ceremony before seeing each other for the first time but it’s becoming more and more popular to see each other just before the ceremony. There are lots of wonderful reasons to opt for a First Look.

It’s more intimate.

The First-Look is almost ALWAYS more intimate and emotional than the “traditional” way as both you and your groom are much more relaxed.

Spend more time on your wedding day with your fiancé!

A First Look will allow you even more time, quality time at that, with your fiancé. It’s your time. There won’t be lots of people around vying for your attention or pulling you in a hundred directions. Instead you’ll have a bit of time set aside to relax and enjoy each other.

Ensure you get good photos of the two of you.

No matter how much you plan your timeline at some point in the day you often wind up rushed or running behind and finding time for photos of the you and your groom can prove to be quite the challenge once the wedding is underway.

It allows you to spend more time and be present at your wedding!

A First Look also allows all of the formal portraits to be done in advance of the wedding which will free you and your spouse to go directly to cocktail hour or to the reception.

It allows you and your husband to be to relax.

Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and lets just face it. It’s also a bit stressful. Doing a First Look will let you relax knowing your photos have already been captured. Seeing your Groom alone before the chaos of the day can also help you to relax and believe it or not…your Groom will show more emotion seeing you for the first time when he is not standing in a room full of people waiting to see how he reacts.

Walking down the aisle is still special.

That precious moment of walking down the aisle you’ve been dreaming of since you were a little girl is still just as special. He may have already seen you and spent some quiet moments alone with you but he hasn’t seen you walking down the aisle toward him, moments from being his wife. Trust me..the magic will carry over!

Dianne Leigh is a natural light photographer from Tomball, Texas who is also a world traveler and has a passion for sharing her photography and business knowledge with other photographers and entrepreneurs.

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