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Family Photo Shoot | The Vinson Family

About 3 years ago, I did a Boudoir photo shoot with Lisa. I learned pretty quickly that she was beautiful and that she was one of the nicest persons I'd ever met. We had such a good time together and created some stunning photographs which she gifted to her husband for Christmas. I continued to run into Lisa almost daily as we both picked up our kiddos at Faith Academy.

She contacted me and said she wanted a family shoot. I was so happy to hear from her and excited to meet the family. On the day of the shoot, her husband told me hello and said "thank you for those pictures you took!" Uh - you are welcome!!! Lisa has 3 children and they were all so sweet and so well behaved. They just loved the camera and the camera loved them. The little one stole the show in all the photos. He made the shoot so much fun as you will see in these photos.

Lisa wanted these photos to give as Christmas photos. She showed me

I feel like I have a friend for life with Lisa. She is such a sweetheart. Thanks Lisa for choosing me as your family photographer!!

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