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Preslee's First Christmas

Devin Garver is one of my brides. Earlier this year she became an aunt and is just IN LOVE with her new little niece. Devin wanted a Christmas photo shoot for her little Preslee at my studio. I had just finished decorating my studio for Christmas and excited to see Devin again and meet her new niece.

I quickly learned why Devin is so in love with Preslee. First of all, this baby is gorgeous!! She has an easy smile, sparkling blue eyes and the sweetest disposition. We moved her here and there and changed her outfits and she just played along the whole time. Just so laid back! I warned Devin I hadn't been around too many babies so I may fall in love and I did! She is just so precious.

Devin, her sister Jackie and I had such a good time together as we photographed Preslee. And during the shoot we got a surpise pop in visit by Devin's handsome fiancée Brandon. It is obvious Uncle Brandon is also smitten with little Preslee. This little girl has just stolen everyone's heart!!

Thanks Devin for choosing me to document Preslee's first Christmas. You are such a sweet young lady with a huge heart. I am so blessed to know you.

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