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Galveston Wedding | Stephen & Alexandra

Stephen & Alex attended the same gym. They would catch a glimpse of each other in the mirror and smile at one another. One day Stephen brought Alex a taco and attached his phone number to it with a post it note. What girl could resist that?? Their first date consisted of them playing chess for 4 hours straight (Alex claims she beat him!). They were inseparable from there on out.

Stephen owns a beautiful beach house in Galveston. He and Alex spent lots of time there while they were dating. They could leave the hustle and bustle of Houston behind and just enjoy one another. Alex says this is where they feel most in love. So after Stephen proposed with an 8 1/2 carat black diamond ring (be still my heart!!), they knew they wanted to get married in Galveston.

The wedding day was an absolute blast. Stephen is Greek and Alex is Hispanic so the wedding became a "Greekexican" wedding. Both traditions were reflected in the day. The ceremony was a traditional Greek Orthodox wedding and it was so beautiful and symbolic. Alex was absolutely stunning in her beaded and lace blush Galina Signature gown and cathedral length veil. They couldn't stop smiling at one another the entire ceremony. After the ceremony, the entire wedding party was waiting outside the church for them to make their get away in their vintage convertible car!!!

The reception was held at the beach house. Two tents were placed on the property. The large tent was for the dinner and reception and the 2nd tent was for the dancing and party! The party was started with Mariachi's coming in and Alex and her dad got the party started by hitting the dance floor as they played. I don't believe Alex's dad ever stopped dancing the entire night. He was the most adorable father of the bride ever! Watching him made me smile - he had such a great time at his daughter's wedding. You can tell he absolutely adores his baby girl.

The Greekexican wedding served fajitas and gyros. The open bar included wines from the Catechis' California vineyard and a cigar bar. The music was awesome with fun dance hits but also lot of Greek music where the Catechis men could show off their awesome, traditional dance moves. I cannot wait to see the video of this wedding!! You've heard the saying "dance as if no long is looking" - well that was every single guest at this wedding. Everyone danced their hearts out. Heck - I wanted to put my camera down and join in!!

Alex and Stephen never stopped smiling and dancing all night long. Their joy was so evident. Their families also smiled all night long. I smiled all night long. This wedding is only part of their joy - the other is that Alex & Stephen are expecting a little baby girl!!

I was truly honored and grateful to be asked to be a part of this memorable day. Thank you to the Medellin & Catechis family for being so warm and welcoming. I wish Alex & Stephen (and their little girl who is coming!) all the joys that life can bring.

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