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Wedding Chat with Sande ~ Tips to an Enjoyable Bridal Salon Appointment ~ An Interview with Amy Nowl

Once a girl is proposed to, most can't wait to get to the salon to try on some gorgeous gowns. The experience of selecting the perfect dress will be a memorable part of your journey towards your big day. I have such fond memories of shopping with my daughter Desiree for her wedding dress. I still tear up as I remember the moment she tried on the dress that turned out to be 'the one'. It was as if time stood still in the salon. I feel like everyone in the store stopped what they were doing to stare at her. We still talk about that day, it was such a wonderful time.

The process of picking the perfect dress can be intimidating and overwhelming. I wanted to interview an expert to give us some tips on how to make the most of this day, select the dress of your dreams and have fun in the process!!

I had the privilege of sitting down with Amy Nowlin, owner of Bliss Formals and talked about some of her experiences with bridal appointments. We sat in her new and very posh bridal suite. I asked her to give me some tips so that a bride-to-be can have a stress free and memorable appointment. She had some very helpful advice:

Me: Thank you for taking time to talk to me! I am in love with your new bridal suite. It is so comfortable and luxurious!

Amy: Well thank you!

Me: Well let's get started. My first question for you is - do you recommend a bride make an appointment before visiting a salon?

Amy: Yes, I do. We encourage everyone to have an appointment before coming in. It assures that the bridal suite is available for just them and also allows us to get to know a few things about the bride before the appointment. However, if we get a walk in and the suite is open, we will certainly accommodate her.

Me: Before a bride comes in, should she have an idea of what type of dress she likes?

Amy: Absolutely! We always consult with our brides prior to the appointment so we get an idea of what she is looking for. Some brides have a specific dress in mind that she wants to try on. If she lets us know this in advance, we may be able to have that specific dress in house for her. Of course, what she thinks she likes may not be what they end up with!

Me: What kind of questions do you ask the bride in your pre-consultation?

Amy: Our top 4 questions that we ask a bride are:



Type of Silhouette?

Price Range?

The more prepared everyone is the better.

Me: Great questions! Especially the price range. Should she know her budget before she comes in?

Amy: Yes she really should. Then we know how to guide her in her selections. The last thing we want is for a bride to fall in love with a dress that is out of her price range.

Me: I love watching the TV programs that shows a bride selecting the right dress. She usually has a group of family/friends with her. What advice can you give a bride about who she should bring to her appointment?

Amy: Actually, the fewer the better. Bring only the people who's opinion matters the most. We suggest no more than 3-4 adults. Children can sometimes be a distraction to the bride. If you bring in too many people, then you have too many opinions. The bride starts trying to please everyone and forgets herself and what she wants.

Me: It is supposed to be all about the bride and what she wants! Last question - what should a bride bring with her to her appointment?

Amy: We do ask a bride to bring all accessories that she has available with her. One is proper undergarments. Wear something that will be similar to what you will be wearing on your wedding day. The other is the shoes. If you don't have your actual wedding shoes, at least bring some in with similar heel heights. The bridal jewelry is important as well - example if you are wearing an heirloom necklace or earrings that belonged to your grandmother it helps to have them available in order to select a gown that completes the entire look.

Me: Awesome! That's such great advice. Thank you so much Amy. I'm sure that these tips will help all brides-to-be!

Amy: My pleasure! We appreciate our clients and strive to provide an experience for our brides that will leave a lasting impression.

Bliss Formals is located at 1107 Salem Rd, Victoria, TX 77904.

Phone # (361) 572-3941

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