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The Brown Family

Kelsey is one of my brides. She and her fiancé Andrew are getting married next year and I'm so excited about their wedding, especially now that I have met her family.

We met at the mission in Goliad where the Brown family wanted to have their pictures taken. Kelsey and Andrew arrived first. One of the first things they said is that wanted to warn me about her dad. He never smiles for pics. Ok. No problem. Won't be the first person I photograph that doesn't smile.

Mr. Brown arrived next. So I went up to him with my brightest smile, shook his hand and introduced myself. That seemed to warm him up immediately. First thing he tells me that his wife is always late. Told me his wife was late to their own wedding. Next he told me he had brought his dog Peaches. Peaches is an older dog who has lost one back leg and his knee is bad on the other leg. Mr. Brown is a retired veterinarian and obviously loves Peaches. Wanted Peaches in at least one picture.

Kelsey's brother Clay and Mrs. Brown arrived next. She got off her car looking so cute with her short spunky hair and sweet smile. Kelsey and Clay are about 22 months apart but could easily pass as twins. They both have the same caramel brown eyes and sweet disposition. I knew this would be a good photo shoot just by looking at everyone. Everyone was so sweet and cooperative. Mr. Brown was funny and talkative and I'll be darn - even smiled for a few pics!!

The photo shoot went well, we had a great sunset and had lots of fun. I'm super glad I got to meet the family before the wedding. I love their pictures. I'm sure when they look back at these pics they will all have memories of a really fun afternoon. Thanks Kelsey for setting this all up!

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