I had a lovely bride in my studio asked me "Have you ever had a bride not do a bridal portrait photo shoot?" She was on the fence whether to invest in one or not. Yes, I have had a couple of brides not do it. I think that is a totally personal decision. Naturally I am a picture person so I want a portrait if one of my grandkids is eating a pickle. So maybe I'm not the best person to help you make this decision!

I personally think there are some pros to getting it done. First of all - it can serve as a trial run for your hair and makeup. Secondly, its a trial run with your dress. Is it comfortable? Can you sit in it? At your reception, you will have a beautiful portrait to show your guests. And its fun. Whether it's you've brought your mom or your best friend or it's just be and my assistant Vicki. We have a blast.

I work hard to try to capture that perfect picture. Vicki and I both work hard to make sure our bride is comfortable, feeling beautiful, feeling pampered and having fun!

Should you decide you do want portraits, here are a few tips:


This is a once in a lifetime photo shoot, so hair, makeup and mani-pedi's are important. If you can do it yourself, great! But if you need help - consult with an expert. I work with some wonderful make up artists and hair stylists and can refer you to one that fits you. Schedule your glam appointment early in the day. You don't want to add the stress of being rushed to your day.