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Wedding Chat with Sande - How to Pin a Boutonniere

First of all - did I even spell Boutonniere correctly? That is intimating in itself!! But it never fails - when I'm photographing the groom and his guys getting dressed, at least one guy will ask me to help him pin his boutonniere. I always give them my disclaimer - "I never do this right!", and they always reply "well I'm sure whatever you do would be better than what I do." Don't be so sure dude.

Boutonniere's are generally top heavy with a slim bottom and a straight pin. My first fear is that I will either poke them or myself with that pin. I mean, who wants to be responsible for blood on a white shirt at a wedding? Not me! But I always try to help and then feel horrible later when I'm photographing them and the boutonniere I helped with is hanging upside down. Yes, that's happened more than once.

I can't be the only one with this problem so I thought - time to research this. First thing I found that makes SO MUCH SENSE is to use two straight pins instead of one. Genius!! Why do they only come with one? I carry a girls tool chest in my car and I actually have pins in there - those are going in my camera bag at my next wedding so I will be prepared!

The website Tuxedo Den posted these simple instructions:

"Start with putting the boutonniere below the lapel. If it is a bigger boutonniere, place it a little lower on the lapel so it isn’t in his face. Place the boutonniere on the lapel and then fold the lapel over.

Step 1: place the boutonniere on the lapel and then fold the lapel over

Stick the pin thru the bottom up.

Step 2: stick pin through the bottom.

Doing the same thing with the second pin, make an X with the pins.

Step 3: make an X with the pins.

And there you go. A perfect, lay-flat, no-flop, boutonniere!

Step 4: the perfect boutonniere!"

Side note to any florists out there - include two pins!

I will try these steps the next time I'm asked. Hopefully I won't be responsible for any more upside down boutonnieres.

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