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Bridal Photo Shoot | Megan

I am so happy to finally be sharing Megan Deleon-Longoria's bridal photograph's! Her wedding this past Saturday was so beautiful - I can't wait to tell you all about it!

Megan did a lot of research to find the perfect place for her bridal photo shoot and boy did she do good. When we arrived at the Landa Library & Gardens in San Antonio I walked around a bit to see the grounds and I was thrilled at how beautiful the property is! Megan walked out in her beautiful , beaded and tulle mermaid gown by Casablanca Bridals Magnolia collection that fit her so perfectly! She looked so elegant and just floated as she walked. When I was looking through Casablanca Bridal''s Facebook page I found they featured Megan's dress on an article they wrote called "Top Ten Mermaid Wedding Dresses From Casablanca Bridal! " The mermaid design was so perfect for Megan's figure and the low back showed off her chiseled arms and back! Wowza!

Although this bridal session was shot in August, in South Texas (just saying those words makes me sweat), the weather was surprisingly pleasant! The staff at the Landa Library was so nice and accommodating. This place is a photographer's dream - so many beautiful different and unique locations! Megan has such a diversity in her photos. Even the street and the neighborhood are beautiful!

When we were done, I texted my dear friend Angela Miranda who lives in San Antonio. I wanted her to know I was in town and where I was. She replied "I love the Landa Library. Did you know it's haunted?" Nooooo. We didn't know that. Well thank goodness she told us as we were leaving!!

I asked Angela where would be a good place for us to sit, have a cold glass of ice tea and look at the pictures. She texted me - in all caps - CHRIS MADRIDS!!!!!!! Yes, she used that many exclamation points! It was very close and it was perfect. We were sweaty and tired and the casual & laid back atmosphere at Chris Madrid's was just what we needed. They had three things on their menu - Nacho's, Chalupa's and Hamburgers. I ordered the Chalupa's and the largest glass of ice tea they offered. It was delish!!

I am so blessed to have gotten to know Megan and her family so well. Megan's mother Clarissa is such a sweet and genuine person and her sister Hailey is as posied and beautiful as Megan. I am thankful they chose me to document this precious time in their lives!! Love ya'll!!

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