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A South Texas afternoon in July. I was worried about the heat. But I arrived in Riverside Park and was pleasantly surprised to find a slight, cool breeze and a hazy sunset. Don't get me wrong - it was warm for sure - but not the heat-stroke-producing kind of warm. Nothing us South Texans can't handle!!

I had not met the Kramers in person as they are from Shiner - we had only spoke via messaging. It didn't take us long to be comfortable around one another - they are so genuine and friendly. And their two boys? So respectful and well behaved!! Although the little one did ham it up a couple of times with some interesting poses!! But that is what makes a photo shoot fun! Even their puppy was patient and well behaved.

At our photo shoot, I found out that both Mr. and Mrs. Kramer are both first responders. I know they put themselves in harmful situations to serve their community and I am thankful for them. I am also thankful that I was able to meet such a sweet, loving family. They were so laid back and easy to work with. And pretty photogenic too - I love how their photos came out!

Thank you both for choosing me!

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