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University of Houston Graduate - Danielle

Allow me to introduce you to Danielle - Flight Nurse, Junior Leaguer and graduate of the University of Houston.

Those are some of accomplishments. Makes her sound fierce doesn't it? Well she is - but under all that is a caramel colored eyed girl with the sweetest demeanor. We had such a great time together at this photo shoot. The shoot started out at her parent's beautiful property out in the country which features a 300 year old oak tree! I found out where she gets her sweetness from - her parents. Her dad joined us on this photo shoot, walking ahead of us and making sure everywhere we stepped was a snake-free zone! THANK YOU DAD!!! Both her parents were so gracious and welcoming. And Danielle is obviously a daddy's girl - she wanted to be sure to represent her dad and his company with a shot of her doing what they love to do best - Bow hunting!

The last leg of her photo shoot we traveled back into town to Citizens Medical Center and captured where Danielle works - in their medical helicopter. I can't tell you how cool I thought that was. Luckily, I've never needed their services so it was a great way for me to see what they do and how they do it. These nurses are true heroes!

Danielle - I am super happy that I got to work with you and get to your family. I wish you continued success and happiness!

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