One Year Later - Living my Dream

It’s been one year since I retired from my job with the State of Texas. I can’t believe it’s been that long! It was one of the scariest things I ever did. Lots and lots of prayer finally gave me the guts to do it. My plan was to try to make a full time job out of my photography business plus I had a lot of other ideas I wanted to try. I told Timmy “Give me one year to build this business. If in one year I’m not making any money I’ll get another job.” Timmy always supports everything I do and replied “That sounds fair”.

My photography dream included opening a studio. I also wanted to sell lingerie. My original plan was to buy a building or a house to work out of but as you know, real estate is sky high in Victoria right now and the prices scared me. I’m quite a chicken and taking risks terrifies me. I just couldn’t step out that far. It took me a while to even commit to renting a space. I hated the idea of fixing up something that didn’t belong to me but I got lucky with my little building that only needed cosmetic updates. I love my little building. It’s so perfect for me.

Here we are one year later. I’m busier than ever. Some days I’m busier than I want to be! My photography business is steady. My dream to sell lingerie has grown into a boutique that caters to brides. I’m really proud of it. My studio is wonderful – I love being able to serve my clients in such a pretty place. I couldn’t ask for anything more.

The moral of this story? Never stop dreaming. Dream BIG. Never stop believing. If you are a chicken like me then do it afraid. If I can fulfill my dreams at my age, anyone can! You have to have faith. Let God guide you to your best life ever.