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Wedding Chat with Sande - Happy 20th Anniversary Jimmy Choo!

No I haven't forgotten about Wedding Chat with Sande. I know it seems like it. But trust me - it has actually been in the front of my thoughts every day. But Senior Season has kept me so busy my blog had to go on the back burner. But tonight I took a moment to flip though my Brides magazine and saw that Jimmy Choo was having a 20th anniversary and was rolling out a special collection of 20 sparkly flats, pumps, sky-high stilettos and clutches. Well the words "embellished" and "sparkly" caught my eyes and I knew I had to share this with ya'll.

Jimmy Choo's shoes are the iconic choice for brides. My daughter Desiree wore gold Jimmy Choo's for her wedding. When she opened the box to show me the shoes, I swear that light came forth from the box and I heard angels singing in the Heavens. They were by far the most beautiful shoes I had ever seen. Of course I tried them on and never felt more fancy.

After reading the article in Brides, I went to Jimmy Choo's website and found that the collection is called Memento. It is jaw-dropping-gorgeous. The crown jewel of the collection is the shoe called 'Storm' which is covered in Swarovski crystals and stones . Oh Em Gee. My knees go weak. There are custom made just for you in nude or black with a choice of heel size. The price is a mere $3,850.00.

This collection also features the Jimmy Choo Limited Edition Shoe Trunk. Creative director Sandra Choi said this: “Not surprisingly, I have a personal obsession with collecting shoes. For our milestone birthday I wanted to unashamedly celebrate a woman’s love affair with shoes and create a one-of-a-kind environment to house her most treasured pairs. I wanted the trunk to be exceptional and to be the ultimate expression of luxury and glamour.” Prices start at $65,000.00. I'd have to take a lot of pictures to afford that!!

The collection also has a red clutch called "Cloud". Remember the red dress Gwen Stefani wore to the Oscars? On one arm she had Blake, in the other she had Cloud. I wanna be Gwen! How come I can't sing? That little clutch will set you back $3,995.00.

The point of this blog? There isn't one. I just enjoyed salivating over this extravagant collection and thought you might too. If you can't afford a $3,850 pair of shoes for your wedding - don't despair. There are several Jimmy Choo bridal shoes under $1,000.00 that are oh-so-fabulous.

Never stop dreaming. Here some photos of the items I referred to above.

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