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Wedding Chat with Sande - The Engagement Photo Shoot

It has been a little while since I published a “Wedding Chat with Sande” blog post. 2016 has been so busy that I have only had time to blog about my photo shoots! I never want to miss blogging about my amazing clients. So my Wedding Chat blog has suffered. I’m sorry :(

So! My blog today is something that I know something about – The Engagement Photo shoot. I have to tell you it has become one of my favorite shoots. I love watching the dynamics of a couple in love. A couple excited about an upcoming wedding. Timmy & I didn’t do engagement photo shoots and it’s something I wish we had done. I would love to have pictures of us when we were young(er) and so excited about having found one another. So I’m so happy that my couples are capturing this special time in their lives! So I thought this would make a great subject for my blog.

An engagement session is a very important part to the wedding process. Besides to document how good looking and in love you are, there are many reasons to shoot an engagement session.

Here are 5 good ones ~

1) to submit an engagement announcement to newspaper

2) for Save the Date cards

3) for wedding day decor

4) to give framed gifts to your family

5) to get to know your photographer

Number 5 is a big one, for both of us. It is important that we have good chemistry together because besides your wedding coordinator, your photographer is the vendor you will spend the most time with! During your session, you will get to know me and experience my style and personality. After your session, you will know what to expect on your wedding day! And I learn about my couples, how they interact, what they like or don’t like about their shoot and what the most flattering poses are for them!

An engagement photo shoot with me generally lasts 1 ½ to 2 hours. I usually encourage two outfits, one dressy and one casual. Where? Anywhere! The world is our blank canvas. It should be a place that reflects the style of the couple. Is their style rustic? Is their style urban? Elegant? Adventurous? The engagement shoot should tell their story!

I always get asked – what should we wear? Whether dressy or casual, solid colors are the best choice. Try to avoid plaid and patterns or trendy clothes. Classic is best! Pick a neutral and add some colors you both like! Try to 'coordinate' rather than matchy matchy. Have your engagement ring cleaned so it will be nice and sparkly.

As with all my shoots, my favorite time to shoot is late afternoon - also known as "the golden hour." The light during the day is too bright and harsh. The "golden hour" which is right before sunset, is the most beautiful light and creates dreamy, soft photos. The "golden hour" doesn't last long so it important that the couple arrive at their photo shoot on time to assure that we don’t run out of this pretty light!!

A note just for the bride – Prepare your groom! I'm sure you don't have to be persuaded much but be prepared to get super affectionate - I will be asking you to make out! Find some of my engagement photos that inspire you and show them to him - then he will have an idea of what to expect. Relax and don't be nervous! Let’s just have fun!

Many of my couples bring props. Signs that are special to them, flowers, blankets and their pet to name a few. Love all of these. Just don’t show up with a spider or a snake because this photographer will be running in the other direction!!!

That is about all the advice I have to prepare for an engagement photo shoot. If anyone has any questions or anything to add, please let me know!

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