Wedding Chat with Sande - The Engagement Photo Shoot

It has been a little while since I published a “Wedding Chat with Sande” blog post. 2016 has been so busy that I have only had time to blog about my photo shoots! I never want to miss blogging about my amazing clients. So my Wedding Chat blog has suffered. I’m sorry :(

So! My blog today is something that I know something about – The Engagement Photo shoot. I have to tell you it has become one of my favorite shoots. I love watching the dynamics of a couple in love. A couple excited about an upcoming wedding. Timmy & I didn’t do engagement photo shoots and it’s something I wish we had done. I would love to have pictures of us when we were young(er) and so excited about having found one another. So I’m so happy that my couples are capturing this special time in their lives! So I thought this would make a great subje