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10th Anniversary Photo Shoot | Diana & Ralph

Diana is my daughter’s mother-in-love. She and her husband Ralph are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month and wanted to document that occasion with a photo shoot.

I can’t say enough good things about Diana. Desiree could not have asked for a better mother-in-love. Diana truly loves her and will do anything for them. I got to know Diana when we were planning the wedding. Diana was so excited and was involved in every aspect of the planning, starting with Tony’s proposal! And I have to say – I don’t know why this lady is not a party planner!

Tony showed up unannounced at my house one day. He said he had just come from the jewelry store and wanted to ask us for Desiree’s hand in marriage. I was so blown away that day (I get teary eyed just repeating this story!). I knew my daughter had found the right man to spend the rest of her life with. The next call I get is from Tony’s mom Diana. She wants to help Tony plan the perfect proposal and offered to let me be a part. She arranged for a beautiful hotel on the Riverwalk in San Antonio. They told Desiree that it was Diana’s birthday gift to Tony. That weekend, while Tony took Desiree out for drinks, Diana, her niece Laurie and I snuck into their hotel room. Diana thought of EVERYTHING. She had a suitcase full of flower pedals, candles, champagne, fresh flowers, personalized pillows, coordinating blankets, jewelry….ok – I can’t remember it all. If you go to my Facebook photo albums, you can find the photos. Diana arranged for this room to be a dream place for Tony to propose to Desiree. It was a perfect night.

I learned that night that Diana knew how to make an event special. She co-hosted a beautiful bridal shower for Desiree. She did the same thing for the wedding. She was so excited and wanted the wedding to be everything Desiree & Tony wanted. Everything Diana does for party planning is perfectly planned and executed. I truly believe her calling is to be a party planner!!

I got to know Ralph a bit during the wedding. During this photo shoot, I was able to get to know him better. Ralph was so sweet and was willing to do anything to make this photo shoot fun and perfect. I can see that he loves Diana with all his heart.

Congratulations Ralph & Diana on your 10th anniversary. I am so grateful that you picked me to document this milestone in your lives!!! God Bless you both always!

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