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Engagement Photo Shoot | Chris + Cassie

Chris has a Chevrolet Silverado that he loves ALMOST as much as Cassie. When he and Cassie first starting to date, they went on all their dates in it, took long rides in it, long talks in it. He feels as if their relationship has grown in that Silverado.

So one night they are riding around in it and Chris asks Cassie “What is your favorite memory of us in this truck?” She thinks about it a bit and give him her best memory. Then she asked him the same question. He said “tonight because I want to ask you to be my wife!” When she realized he was actually proposing she told him “Pull over!” Of course Cassie said yes!!

Don’t you just love a great romantic story? I sure do!

Chris & Cassie are the parents of a little 2 year old flirt named Kalvin. The first time they came to my studio he was quite friendly with me, even giving me a tight little hug. Of course at the photo shoot he was not impressed with me any more – he didn’t want anything to do with me! LOL!

Cassie had her make up done by Yurim Cabera Makeup Artistry and looked A-MAZ-ING. Their photo shoot was blessed with one of the most beautiful sunsets. Some of their photos look like fire in the background! I probably wore them out, I took so many pictures. I just wanted to take advantage of their love in that gorgeous light. They are such an easy going couple, completely comfortable around each other. I felt comfortable around them! I can see that their love is deep and they are best friends. And then God finished the night with a soft pink tint. I have no doubt their love is forever.

Thank you Chris & Cassie for choosing me. I am grateful and I can’t wait for your wedding!!!! Love you guys.

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