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I hinted a few days ago that there were some exciting things happening in my studio. I can’t wait any longer to tell you one of them.

A few years ago when my friend Angela was getting married, I went to our mall to buy a gift for her bachelorette party. I wanted to get her a beautiful piece of lingerie. Well, I found there were only 2-3 stores that carried any kind of lingerie and there was nothing that was extraordinary. I ended up settling on a cute teddy, but I was under-whelmed for sure.

I have learned that most of my boudoir clients either shop out of town or online for their lingerie. Victoria was clearly lacking in this area. So I decided to open my own lingerie boutique– and it will be like nothing Victoria has ever seen.

What will set my boutique apart is that I will not be open regular business hours. My boutique will be open -- by appointment only. Yes. When someone wants to shop at my boutique, they will make an appointment with me and it will be a completely private, one-on-one experience. Doesn’t that sound splendid? I do have plans for special occasions like trunk shows and other fun events but my main focus is to create an exclusive one-on-one encounter. My clients will feel indulged and celebrated.

In my boutique you will find delicate lingerie, steampunk corsets, waist trainers, sheer and textured hosiery, cute panties and so much more. As I have made decisions for what to carry in my boutique, I have shopped with my brides in mind. What would my clients want to wear for a boudoir photo shoot? What would my bride like to wear on her honeymoon? This endeavor has been a true labor of love for me. I believe everything I have to offer is elegant, tasteful and leaves a bit to the imagination.

My clients will also find jewelry, accessories and some gift options as well. I have very carefully selected items that I believe will impress.

Timmy and I have been working so hard to make my boutique beautiful and inviting – from the oversized chandelier to the beautiful draperies and lots of mirrors to admire yourself in. My dressing room has a personal robe, crystal chandelier and plush rug for your comfort. What more could a Sande’s Studio client wish for?

I have not started making appointments yet because we are not done with all the finishing touches. But a Launch party is coming soon – I promise. Get ready Victoria.

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