Viola Hicks 90th Birthday Celebration

I got a call from Vanessa Hicks-Caraway. She told me she was recommended to me by Pastor Mark Longoria (thanks Pastor Mark!). She and her siblings were planning a party for their beloved mother's 90th Birthday. It didn't take me long to know that Vanessa was someone I wanted to work with. She told me that she had a miltary background and was very organized. I loved the sound of that!

When we met for our pre-consultation, we were like old friends - talking about family, careers, finances - Vanessa is a financial advisor for Primerica. She is also very active in our community and encourgaged me to join many different organizations - she is a wealth of information!! During our visit, she mentioned that decorating for the party was a bit overwhelming for her. I recommended my dear friend - Cynthia Lewis - who is an up and coming decorator to her. I gave her Cynthia's phone number. A few days later I found that that Vanessa had hired Cynthia. Now I was super excited - I get to work side by side with my BFF!