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Viola Hicks 90th Birthday Celebration

I got a call from Vanessa Hicks-Caraway. She told me she was recommended to me by Pastor Mark Longoria (thanks Pastor Mark!). She and her siblings were planning a party for their beloved mother's 90th Birthday. It didn't take me long to know that Vanessa was someone I wanted to work with. She told me that she had a miltary background and was very organized. I loved the sound of that!

When we met for our pre-consultation, we were like old friends - talking about family, careers, finances - Vanessa is a financial advisor for Primerica. She is also very active in our community and encourgaged me to join many different organizations - she is a wealth of information!! During our visit, she mentioned that decorating for the party was a bit overwhelming for her. I recommended my dear friend - Cynthia Lewis - who is an up and coming decorator to her. I gave her Cynthia's phone number. A few days later I found that that Vanessa had hired Cynthia. Now I was super excited - I get to work side by side with my BFF!

The evening of the party, I arrive at the venue and I see Vanessa. I go up to greet her and hug her. She smiled and hugged me warmly and then advised me she was not Vanessa - she was Vanessa's twin sister. Awkward! Seriously - they are IDENTICAL. She laughed and said it happens all the time.

The party was a wonderful night of family, friends, funny and heartwarming stories and lots and lots of references to God. Mrs. Hicks was from an era where family came first, children were disciplined and neighbors helped out neighbors.

It also turns out there was a celebrity in the room! Yes, our local celebrity Gary Moses was there but he's not who I am referring to. Vanessa's brother is former pro-NFL football player David Atkins!

I am very blessed to have met the Hicks family. And special shout out to my friend Cynthia for doing such a fab job with the decorations. I'm sure Mrs. Hicks was so pleased and how beautiful everything looked. Wishing you many more wonderful birthdays Mrs. Hicks!!!

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