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Jacob + Megan Engagement Shoot

The first time I met Megan I was still working full time at my State job. My supervisor brought her to my office and said she wanted me to meet Megan, our new intern. My first thought when I saw her was "Dang this girl is gorgeous - I sure would love to photograph her!" (I do that all the time). I thought that every single time she walked by my office. So you can imagine my excitement when she contacted me asking for information on my wedding packages! I did the Fredrik Eklund high kick - "Weeeee!"

Jacob & Megan's initial photo shoot was like all my other photo shoots in the last few weeks. Our first appointment had to be rescheduled due to dreary rain and cold. The day we finally got to do the shoot was cold but we had beautiful sunshine. We'll take it!

At the beginning of this story I admitted that I secretly photo stalk people. Let me tell you something else about me. I'm terrible with people's names. Its hereditary. I got it from my daddy and his sister Grace. Daddy never got anyone's name right - not even his kids. My Aunt Grace was worse. She couldn't get anybody's name right until she cussed in spanish. She would call out everybody's name in the family, then she would cuss and then get to the right name. Here is an example - my dad's name was Robert. If she wanted to call him she would say "Ronnie, Michael, Beto - oh con una chingada - Robert!!" Well, I'm the exact same way. Except for the cussing - that wouldn't be too cool to do to my clients on a photo shoot right? Well, I got to this photo shoot thinking my groom's name was Joshua. As we got started Megan reminded me his name was Jacob. I tried to get it right in my head but as I'm calling out instructions on posing I can't get it out of my mouth correctly. I kept calling the poor guy Joshua. Jacob was so sweet and patient with me - correcting me quietly thru his smile "It's Jacob". I'm so sorry!!!! So I started calling him "J".

I'm gonna do like we used to in school - I'm gonna write lines. I'm gonna write 100 times "His name is Jacob."

Except for that, the photo shoot was a dream. The weather was cold but very nice in the sun. The wind was calm. The setting was perfect. Megan did not disappoint. She is absolutely beautiful in every single photo I took. She couldn't take a bad photo if she tried. And Jacob - you will see what a sweetheart he is in the photos. His smile can light up a room and you can't even tell he was being called Joshua while he was being photographed. He is so GQ!

I also have to mention their two adorable furbabies - Oakley & Addie. Those puppies were trying so hard to figure out what we were all up to. But they were cooperative and just as photogentic as their mommy & daddy. I think the photos with them are my favorites of the day.

These two sweethearts have found their way into my heart and I can't wait to photograph their wedding. I will have his name right by then - I promise.


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