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Wedding Chat with Sande - Save the Date Cards

Selecting the perfect wedding invitation has always been a big deal. You can flip through those humongous sample books f-o-r-e-v-e-r, trying to decide on the perfect card. It's not even called a card anymore - now it's an "Invitation Suite" - complete with reception card, RSVP card, direction card, inner envelope, outer envelope, thank you card, etc, etc, etc! One can become completely overwhelmed just trying to pick and stay within your budget!

As if that wasn't enough, now there is the Save the Date which you send out approximately 6 to 8 months before the wedding. Most of the time, the invitation includes a picture of the couple which means engagement photos need to be done at least 7 to 9 months before!

When my daughter Desiree was getting married I learned there are a million websites that sell Save the Date cards. Many of them will send you sample cards so you can see their product before ordering. I found that both fun and helpful. We finally narrowed it down to a printing company called Wedding Paper Divas. We were very happy with the cards, they were exactly what Desiree wanted.

This is want the cost was:

We ordered 150 - $253.50

We added Pearl White Shimmer - $.10 each - total $15.00

15 extra envelopes - $3.00

Shipping - $8.50

Tax - $17.73

25% discount from discount code (don't remember where we got this from)

Total discount - $80.13

Total cost - $232.60

We received them in about 2 weeks which wasn't bad.

Here are some tips from Bride's Magazine on what information should be on the Save the Dates:

1. Your Wedding Website If you've created a wedding website, where you store information like hotel blocks and your registry, be sure to add that link, in small print, at the very bottom of your save the date. That way, your guests don't have to call and text you for that info. They can just swing on over to your website and scroll through the details.

2. The Venue Location Be sure to give them a glimpse of where you're getting married. Add the venue name and the address. This will help your guests get a sense of how far they need to travel and also begin to search for local hotels in which to stay.

3. The Date This may seem very obvious, but often times you're so excited to send out a save the date that you may forget this detail. Make sure this is somewhere bold and big so that everyone can mark it in their calendar and count down the days until your wedding weekend with you.

4. A Personal Touch Whether it's a photo of the two of you or a design that screams your personality, make the save the date have a look and feel that's special to you and your wedding. It will help your guests get all mushy inside over your upcoming wedding.

5. A Note About the Invitation Let your guests know that a formal invitation will follow soon, in case they think this is their formal invite and begin reaching out for more details or even to RSVP.

Well maybe we didn't include all that on our card! But it worked - it does scream Desiree's personality which is shimmer, colorful and beautiful. I added a picture of her Save the Date card below. The back of the card was black, white and gray bokeh with their wedding website in the middle. It had rounded edges. I loved it!

Hope this information has helped you!!!!

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