Wedding Chat With Sande - The Naked Wedding Cake

Does anyone else love the Naked Wedding cake as much as I do? Everytime I scan weddings on Pinterest, I am drawn to these gorgeous cakes. I have yet to photograph an event that has one!

The Knot Magazine says that Naked cakes tend to have a more natural and organic feel, usually with fresh flowers. "Typically couples who choose a naked cake incorporate natural elements like succulents, rosemary or lavender instead of big romantic peonies and roses," says Molly Lawson of d'lish discriminating desserts. Momofuku Milk Bar's signature style is to accent with garnish that's included in the flavor of the cake like flavored crumbs, chocolate chips and even pretzels! Brooklyn-based baker Alana Jones-Mann loves to style her naked cakes with seasonal fruit and preserves. "Sugar flowers don't pop as much on a naked cake as rich and colorful fresh fruit do."

I would assume that icing lovers like my mom would not approve of this cake. Don't get me wrong, I am an icing lover - in fact you might think I'm crazy but I love the taste of Fondant! But I judge a cake by the flavor and the moistness of the actual cake. My daughter Desi had her wedding cake done by Main Course Catering and one of my favorite days of wedding planning was "cake tasting" day. Cindy Byrd sent 6 or 8 round cakes in different flavors. I was in cake heaven! I was glad it wasn't up to me to make the decision - I would have wanted a layer of each flavor - they were all so scrumptious! If I remember correctly, Desi selected the flavors Champagne and Amaretto for her cake. That just sounds beautiful doesn't it? Her cake was beautiful, delicious and it one hundred percent fulfilled Desi's vision.