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Introducing "Wedding Chat with Sande"

I've attended so many weddings in the last couple of years. Plus I spent over a year helping my daughter plan hers. I've seen things that work, I've seen things that have hindered. I've spent lots of time with brides - becoming almost mother-like to many of them. I also continually read lots of different bridal publications that offer helpful tips as well as what's new and trendy. So- today I am launching a blog forum called "Wedding Chat with Sande" that I hope will be helpful to future brides. It will just be some of my experiences as I journey through all these amazing weddings I am privileged to be a part of.

My head is already brimming with ideas on what to chat about. Many of course will come from a photographer's perspective but also from a mother of the bride perspective and of course from an obsession with everything wedding.

I invite past brides and vendors to also feel free to join in as an online community who will wedding share do's and don't's. I am not by any means an expert but I am obsessed with everything wedding and can't get enough of them. This will provide me a place to share what I am learning as I go.

I vow to never let this be a forum to trash any vendor! I want this to always be positive and encouraging for brides. Planning a wedding can be stressful and overwhelming and if we share what's good we can help make it a memorable experience.

I do hope you enjoy this new forum. I am so excited about it and can't wait to share lots of good things with you!!!

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