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A little about me

I rarely talk about me. I never willingly agree to have my picture taken. But maybe you want to know me a little better? If not, that's ok. This will be short.

I worked for the State of Texas for 27 long, long years. I make it sound bad - some days it was. But - the job was actually a blessing. While at that job, I raised two children, got a divorce, re-married, became a mother-in-law and a grandmother. The job gave me the flexibility to have the money to support my family and also spend time with them. So you see - it was a blessing - however, I was tired and terribly burned out.

The last 3 of those 27 years, I slowly began to build a photography business. I had taken pictures of my family for years of course, but I knew it was something I enjoyed doing. My sister Gloria and I joined a photography group at my church led by Tiffany Harris and learned so much from Tiffany plus Kristina Merrill and Joe Sauceda - all three who are amazing photographers. They mentored me and Joe even allowed me to join his photo shoots. The photography group didn't last very long but I knew I was hooked. So I went to the next place that one goes to learn - YouTube University. I watch videos all the time, even to this day. I have attended online workshops and photography boot camps. I follow many, many photographers who inspire and teach me.

After 27 years I retired from my State of Texas job and am now pursuing photography full time. I take pictures about 20% of the time and the other 80% is spent editing photos and marketing my business. Facebook is a powerful marketing tool and I use it for all its worth. I dabble with Instagram - I really don't like how much it crops my photos and it wasn't getting me the attention that Facebook does. I also have spent 2 years building this website, making sure it's fresh and shows who I am as a photographer.

I have spent the last couple of weeks building a Google+ page. It will have pretty much everything you can see on Facebook and my website but who knows - I may reach a different audience. Gotta keep trying to get my name out there.

For those of you who are reading my blog - thank you so much. Please continue to be interactive on Facebook and my website - especially Facebook - they seem to promote the pages that have the most activity.

To my clients who have trusted their precious memories to me - I am grateful for you. You are the best!

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