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Look Who's Blogging

Well, well well - look who's blogging! Me! Oh my - I have been so neglectful of blogging!!Why haven't I blogged? Well, there are a few reasons:

First - I update my facebook page so often that I feel its repetitious to come here and do the same. Who wants to read the same thing twice?

Secondly - I don't know where to fit it into my day! I spend so much time editing photos and working on building my business. Where would I fit this in???

Thirdly (is that a real word?) - who is reading it? I often wondered if anyone even noticed I was doing this?

But - I have been studying marketing and following successful photographers and they all blog and state that it's imperative in the photography industry. So - I'm going to make a serious effort to make it happen.

The last 10 months have been eventful. Last fall I became very ill with a form of arthritis. The doctors first diagnoised me with Lupus. I was beginning to wonder if I was going to be able to continue my photography passion because I hurt everywhere and was extremely swollen. But with a lot of prayer, the right doctor and the right meds, I am feeling good again and working hard!! And my last doctor visit was very positive - the Lupus test came back negative!

God Heals!!

Then in March my daughter Desiree married the love of her life - Tony. Tony has fit into our family like a glove. We all love him. The wedding was the event of the decade (for us anyway!). It was beautiful and fun and everything she had dreamed it could be.

THEN on May 31, 2015 - I said good-bye to my full time job!! Yes! After 27 years of working for the State of Texas, I retired. It was a little scary to just leave the job that I had worked at basically all of my adult life. I started working there at age 26, raised my two children, divorced, re-married and became a grandmother - all in the 27 years I worked there. I worked in a very difficult office - lots of demands and very little gratitute. But the management team and co-workers are top-notch and are my family. We gave to each other what we never got from our customers - kudos, appreciation, kindness and love. I do miss my co-workers dearly - but I don't miss the work!!!

So, now I've been working on my photography business full time. And I am pleased to say that I have been so busy! Just when I think it will slow down, I am booking more photo shoots. I have bought new equipment (a photographer never has enough camera's and lenses!) and I have done a lot of studying, workshops, and everything else that comes with building a business. At the end of each day, I am tired but not stressed!

I am also working on adding other ventures to my Studio - more news to come on that when I am ready. It's exciting.

That's what life is about. Something on the horizon. Something to look forward to. Jumping out of bed in the morning so you can get to working on your passion.

I strive to find something to inspire me every day. I'm living a long awaited dream.

Never stop dreaming. Dream big. Believe big. It's the only way to get to where you want to be!

I will try to keep blogging. No promises - I'll fit it in where I can!!



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