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My Heart is Exploding!

"My heart is exploding!"

I see that phrase used a lot on social media. I found it a bit extreme and have never used it myself. Until now.

In the last two weeks my husband Timmy and I took a road trip. We traveled from here up to Boise, Idaho to visit my husband's sister Ann and her hubby Daryl. We took our time, traveling three days to get there. The first day mostly consisted of getting out of Texas of course and we spent our first night with the aliens in Roswell, NM. We got up early the next morning and ate at breakfast at a "Mexican" restaurant. I found out there that there a difference between a breakfast "taco" and a breakfast "burrito". When I asked for my usual potato and bean taco the waitress looked at me like I was the alien and said "huh?" Evidently no such thing in New Mexico. So I corrected myself and asked for a "potato and bean burrito" and now the waitress looked relieved, like she gets me. So I get my "burrito" and I asked for some "chile" to put on it. Again, I got the look. So I told her "something that piquas". Nope, that wasn't gonna get me some hot stuff. Then I said "salsa?" Oh!!! Ok! So she brought me some salsa. One state over and it's like I'm from another planet (no pun intended).

After our delicious breakfast and we started north, enjoying the beauty of New Mexico. At the Mexican restaurant we had picked up a "Wineries" map. Well we wasted about two hours trying to find these wineries as we made our way north. One was in someone's back yard. Another was by appointment only. The rest we never found. We gave it up and then made our way though the lower corner of Colorado and then we hit Utah.

Oh dear God. What absolutely beauty. As Timmy drove through Utah I was plastered to the window with my mouth hanging open and my hand on my heart. The canyons and mountains were just spectacular. I was so in awe and my hand was on my heart because I truly felt like my heart was exploding from the beauty outside my window. I didn't even take a single picture! I just didn't feel like my camera could capture the true beauty of what I was seeing. The picture I attached to this blog was actually taken on the way home, where we did stop to take pictures. I love, love, love Utah!

I apologize to all the people who have used that phrase and I thought it was silly. I am now in touch with that emotion!

The trip from here to Idaho and back was a photographers dream - from the wonderful mountains, wildflowers and wildlife. I have a memory card full of wonderful pictures - some of which I will share on my facebook pages. Ann & Daryl's home also provided me with lots of wonderful things to photograph, check out my Sande's Studio facebook page to see "The Gardens of Wingspread", which are all the pictures I took of their beautiful home and property. Plus I got lots of pictures of family, old friends and new friends which also makes my heart explode a little....

Today was the last day of my vacation. Although I'm glad to be home and glad to be back with my children and grandchildren, I have to admit, I am sad to see it come to an end. A verse of a song keeps coming to mind - "Back to life, back to reality".

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