Sorry, I'm boring

My blog has been on my mind so much. Here I've made this committment to do this and already I've run out of things to say! I truly haven't had anything much to talk about! I've been super busy without a moment to myself, but couldn't really think there was anything worth blogging about.

But today I was inspired. I was on facebook and looking at people posting pics of their kids at the carnival. Oh how happy it made me to see them and know that my days of taking kids to carnivals is over!!! Who-hoo! This is a good reason of why it's better to have your kids when you're young. So you can keep up with them! Oh the memories. We always went on "band night", when you paid one price to ride the rides all night long. And we were going to get our monies worth! My kids would go from ride to ride to ride to ride. All night long until they shut it down, I guess that was around 11:00 pm. Band night was always during the week so that was always a school/work night. So for about 4 hours I would follow them from one ride to the next. And Desiree loved the big rides, the ones that swung you round and round and upside down. She would sometimes get off the ride and get in the back of the line to ride the same ride again. And again. So every year, we would leave and without fail, she would throw up. Every year. And never did she once make it to a toliet. It was always in the car on the way home, or on the floor after we got home, once she even projectiled (I don't know it that's spelled right but maybe you can just get a vision) it on the wall! And I was not a nice momma about it. Every year I would get so mad at her! After following them around all night long, now we had to clean up throw up. I would always yell "couldn't you hold it two more steps until you made it to the toliet????". Poor Desi. No sympathy from her momma. And the next day, was school and work. None of us wanted to get up in the morning so everyone was grumpy. I would go to work and could barely walk I was so exhausted from the night before! Oh yes, I am thankful those days are over!!!!

My photography had a good month. I booked an anniversary and a wedding, had a mini-shoot and a Bridal Boudoir. I learn so much as I go. And I get more inspired as I go. Tonight I attended a leadership meeting at my church and they showed us a John Maxwell video. He says you have to have a passion and you have to have purpose. We can't go through life going to a job we hate. We have to live life doing what our passion is and living life with the purpose God puts in our heart. Sometimes those are the same things, sometimes they are not. And while I would have loved to take his advice and say "Ok, I'm gonna quit my job (the one that pays my bills) and just do photography full time!" I know that is not my purpose at this time. I complain about my job all the time but truth be told, I don't know where I'd be today if I hadn't had that job all these years. And while its been a long season, that job is a season in my life. And like all seasons, it will come to an end and then maybe I can start to pursue my passion - which is photography. I love doing it so much. I get so excited when I get to take someone's picture. I want that person to say "Dang! I look good!" The photo I added to this post is a sneak peek from the Bridal Boudoir. I can't show you any mor